ASFMS Three for Me! Program

What Counts for Volunteer Hours?

At Home:

·         Ask your children to explain what they learned in school
·         Create a homework space in your home
·         Have a weekly family reading/math night
·         Purchase items to be used in the classroom
·         Help your child study for a test/quiz
·         Check you child’s agenda for assignments and notices
·         Visit the website and find out one new thing about ASFMS

At School:

·         Chaperone at a dance/ field trip
·         Make a presentation in a classroom
·         Help organize volunteers
·         Mentor/tutor a student
·         Create bulletin boards
·         Help with the after school FASA program
·         Assist in the library
·         Welcome new families
·         Picture Day helper
·         Attend school events
·         Help with Exchange City
·         Attend PTA meetings/ events
·         Conduct a literacy group in a classroom
·         Assist with sporting events/tournaments

In the Community:

·         Attend School Committee meetings
·         Get involved with community groups that help the schools
·         Participate in community service with your child
·         Help to get community businesses involved with school events through donations or service
***    Volunteer opportunities are not limited to the choices above.   ***