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Three for Me!

August 1, 2010

A Challenge!

Parent Involvement!

Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School is making a concerted effort to increase parent involvement!  Educational research has concluded that when parents are involved students have:

·        Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates

·        Better school attendance

·        Increased motivation, higher level of self-esteem

·        Lower rates of suspension

·        Decreased use of drugs and alcohol

·        Fewer instances of violent behavior


In an effort to increase parent involvement, we are implementing a parent volunteer program endorsed by the National Parent Teacher Association, Three For Me.

What Is Three For Me?

Three For Me is a program in which parents commit to volunteering at least three hours over the course of the school year to support school initiatives.

Your Challenge

Over the course of this school year, at least one ASFMS parent or family member per student is asked to commit three volunteer hours.  Volunteer opportunities exist at the school, at home, and in the community. The list on the reverse side of this paper explains the many activities which qualify.  You will be pleasantly surprised to see how the definition of volunteering to support your child has broadened.

Make Your Pledge

Completion of a Promise Card will make you a Three For Me volunteer. Students who return a Promise Card on behalf of their parent(s) will be entered into a raffle for an IPOD shuffle. All parents who volunteer for at least three hours will be entered into a raffle for movie tickets and a restaurant gift card.

More information, including volunteer opportunities, will follow and can be found on our school website at, under the Three for Me link.


What Counts for Volunteer Hours?

At Home:

·         Ask your children to explain what they learned in school

·         Create a homework space in your home

·         Have a weekly family reading/math night

·         Purchase items to be used in the classroom

·         Help your child study for a test/quiz

·         Check you child’s agenda for assignments and notices

·         Visit the website and find out one new thing about ASFMS

At School:

·         Chaperone at a dance/ field trip

·         Make a presentation in a classroom

·         Help organize volunteers

·         Mentor/tutor a student

·         Create bulletin boards

·         Help with the after school FASA program

·         Assist in the library

·         Welcome new families

·         Picture Day helper

·         Attend school events

·         Help with Exchange City

·         Attend PTA meetings/ events

·         Conduct a literacy group in a classroom

·         Assist with sporting events/tournaments

In the Community:

·         Attend School Committee meetings

·         Get involved with community groups that help the schools

·         Participate in community service with your child

·         Help to get community businesses involved with school events

through donations or service


***    Volunteer opportunities are not limited to the choices above.   ***