Benefits of Three for Me!

Benefits of Three for Me!
Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School of Coventry

  • Parents become more in tune to the needs of the school and students.
  • Parents keep coming back because they witness the positive school environment, a welcoming staff, and the child's delight at seeing them in the school.
  • Communication between school and family increases signficantly.
  • Events and programs will be run more efficiently with increased volunteerism/parent help.
  • The teacher's load is lightened when more parents help in the classroom (example: creating bulletin boards, reading or telling stories, etc.)
  • Parents will get more connected and will understand the impact of involvement beyond attending a meeting.
  • By volunteering, you build stronger advocacy for children in the community.
  • With parent volunteering, research shows that students will: Earn higher grades, achieve higher test scores, and complete homework more effectively.
  • Morale for staff and teachers improve.
  • Parents in the classroom have the opportunity to get to know their child's classmates.