Circulatory System Webquest

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Circulatory System
What is your largest artery called?
Veins and Arteries
Do arteries carry blood away from or to the heart?
About how thick are the largest arteries?
About how thin are the smallest arteries? What are these thinnest arteries called?
Do veins carry blood away from or to the heart?
What are the thinnest veins called?
Why don't veins have to be as strong as arteries?
Circulatory System  (GO TO THE FUN FACTS SECTION)
Describe the color of the blood in your circulatory system as it relates to oxygen content.
Circulatory System
Describe where your heart is located in your body.
Circulatory System Amazing Facts
About how many times does a heart beat during an average lifespan?
About how many blood cells die each second and how many new ones are regenerated?
About how long does it take for a red blood cell to circle the whole body?
Where do red blood cells originally come from?
About how many times do they circulate in the body before they die?
About how long do red blood cells live?
American Heart Association : Heart
About how big is your heart?
In an average life time, about how many times does a heart beat?
If all of your blood vessels were laid end to end, how far would they extend?
About how much blood do adults have?
Circulatory System
What is the main function of white blood cells?

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