Welcome to the ASFMS Science Department

The Science Department teachers are:
Ms. Abby Paon, Supernova Team (Curriculum Coordinator)  Email
Mrs. Jennifer Asay, Fireworks Team  Email
Ms. Maria Boulmetis, Jamaica Team  Email
Ms. Christine Cataldo, Science Enrichment  Email
Mrs. Elizabeth Collie, Watiki Tribe Team  Email
Ms. Shannon Fay, Tahiti Team  Email
Mrs. Jennifer Graham, Everest Team  Email
Mrs. Linda Grandchamp, Chimera Team  Email
Mr. Shawn Henderson, Oasis Team  Email
Mrs. Jennifer Pietros, Inferno Team  Email
Mrs. Susan Saccoccia, Aurora Team  Email
Mrs. Rekha Saran, Belize Team  Email
Ms. Alicia Simas, Olympus Team 




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