Video Resources-

1.      PBS Digital Learning Library Pilot Program


a.       ASFMS is participating in a pilot program with PBS. Video is one of the several formats available through this site which also includes documents ,audio clips, etc. Use the list on the left side of screen to choose format and grade level.

b.      You can access the pilot  DLL (Digital Learning Library) here:


                   Username: smurphy

                   Password: truden


2.      Youtube Videos


a.       A recent upgrade was made to RINET’s filtering system which allows “safe search” enforcement to YouTube.  This option has been available and activated for several search engines but it was just added to an update they made a week or so ago.


b.      What this means is that YouTube is no longer blocked.  However, only videos that are tagged by YouTube’s classification engine as “safe” will be available. 



                                           From: Jim Murphy

                                                      Network Administrator

                                                      Coventry High School



c.       You can create your own account


3.      Downloading and  Saving Videos

a.      You can choose to download the whole video or segments. If you try to stream the video, it will often start and stop which is why it is best to download and have 

                    for future use.

b.      Click on DOWNLOAD.

                    When asked to do want to RUN or SAVE, click  SAVE TARGET AS

c.        Make sure you save in M: drive  listed as media$ ‘asfms’ (M:)

d.        Put video in the file (Social Studies, ELA, etc.)you think is appropriate so  you can find video later.

e.      To get to the video you saved to show at any time in the future, click on My Computer, Click on M: Drive and the video should be there.