Casey the Youth Crime Watch Mascot

Youth Crime Watch of America: School Advisor of the Year 2008

Mr. Charles Blanchette is one of six YCW advisors at the Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School in Coventry, RI. Three years ago he helped students at his school to start S.A.V.E. (Students Against Vandalism Everywhere) and a year later he helped bring the organization into YCWA. Now in their second YCW year, S.A.V.E. currently has recruited over 100 students to work on many different projects. Mr. Blanchette is deeply devoted to service learning as a means of teaching youth the importance of civic engagement and community involvement. He has spent hundreds of hours volunteering with S.A.V.E to help his students understand the importance of being responsible citizens, while taking up the challenges of leadership and direct involvement to promulgate the change that YCW strongly promotes. His strong demeanor, authentic leadership style, ability to listen closely to young people, undeterred enthusiasm for participatory democracy, and willingness to move forward to support student initiatives in making a difference sets him apart from the other teachers and characterizes him as a great YCW advisor. Since S.A.V.E.'s inception, he has served as its YCW advisor, motivational leader, guide, supporter, and key fundraiser, generating over $100,000 in funds and donations during the past three years to support the students' service efforts. With the benefit of his support, YCW members have been able to dramatically change the culture of the Feinstein Middle School and have expanded their efforts to address bullying and intimidation, as well as vandalism.