ASFMS Administration

Educational Excellence...developing reliable, responsible, and respectful life-long learners, one student at a time.

Administration Organizational Structure (Who does what? - To be updated soon.)

Our Administrators (Contact Information)

Walking the Talk

Joseph Lucian - Principal


Azadeh Noorbaloochi - Assistant Principal


Lisa Goodwin - Assistant Principal


Administration Presentations:

Presentations given to parents, students, and faculty

Administration's Open House Presentation to Parents (September 2016)

How can parents help Feinstein Middle School grow? (September 2016)

Report on Grading & Intervention Programs to School Committee (February 2014)

Professional Development Plan (November 2013)

School Report to PTSA (March 2013)

Professional Development Day Presentation (October 2012)

Inspirational: Sam Glenn Airplane Attitude Video

Faculty Presentation on Grading Policy (May 2012)

School Committee Presentation on Grading Policy (May 2012)

6th Grade Parent Orientation Presentation (May 2012)

PPPR & SLO Goal Presentation (April 2012)

Formative Assessment Greenstein - Chapter 4 [Handout] (January 2012)

PTSA School Improvement Team Presentation (September 2011)

Open House Presentation (September 2011)

Transformational Leadership Through RtI (August 2011)

6th Grade Orientation Presentation (June 2011)

ASFMS Celebrate, PBIS, & RTI (April 2011)
(For Faculty Access Only)

NECAP 2010 Results (March 2011)

RTI: An Innovative Way of Identifying and Supporting All Students (March 2011)

Formative Assessment/Modeling (December 2010)
Handouts: As I See It & Definitions Are Us

RTI Block (November 2010)

Classroom Walkthroughs (September 2010)

6th Grade Parent Orientation 2010 (May 2010)

ASFMS PBIS/RTI (PDF Version) (May 2010)

2010 Faculty Meeting - Literacy PD (PDF Version) (February 2010)

2010 Faculty Meeting - Strategic Plan (PDF Version) (January 2010)

2009 Faculty Meeting - Yearly Initiatives Focus (September 2009)

6th Grade Parent Orientation 2009 (June 2009)

Expectations: Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Student Behavior (May 2009)

School Improvement Team Presentation to the School Committee (September 2008)

Open House 2008-2009 (September 2008)

ASFMS Recognition for the 2007-2008 School Year (June 2008)

Sixth Grade Parent Orientation PowerPoint (May 2008)

Incoming 6th Grade PowerPoint (May 2008)

Norms & Strategic Goals (October Faculty Meeting)

To the Faculty (September Faculty Meeting)

Open House Presentation (September 2007)

Orientation Presentation (August 2007)