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Educational Excellence...developing reliable, responsible, and respectful life-long learners, one student at a time.

While the ASFMS is “High Performing,” the faculty and staff recognize the need to build upon their numerous strengths and seek continuous improvement. Thus, we have developed a comprehensive school improvement plan to support student learning. In order to achieve the expectations outlined in the plan, students must be actively engaged in instruction and complete class work and homework assignments. Please make every effort to support your child in his/her studies and seriously consider being an active member of the school community.
Dr. Arthur Lisi - Principal
Mrs. Mary Lou Bettez - Assistant Principal
Mr. Joseph Pirraglia - Assistant Principal

The latest at ASFMS...


Mrs. Peitros teaching with Chromebooks - Kent County Times 2014

Accelerated Classes
(Kent County Times)

Assistant Principal Mary Lou Bettez on dress code patrol.
Asst. Principal Mrs. Bettez - Dress Code Patrol
(Please follow our dress code)

Puma Team RISD Museum Field Trip 9/11/14 - Photo by Justin Howman
Puma Team RISD Museum Field Trip